Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is the technique that we use an endoscope connected to a camera and a high definition screen to inspect inside the knee joint through small holes and perform surgery

A large number of conditions of the knee are treated with arthroscopic surgery including meniscal tears, loose bodies, problems with the patella (knee cap) and ligament ruptures. Knee arthroscopy and debridement was used in the past for the treatment of early arthritis – this is not acceptable, scientifically, any more.

Your journey to your Knee Arthroscopy starts with the clinic consultation.

You will be referred to me by your GP – I can see you in the clinic  without a referral but I will have to write to your Doctor with the outcome of your consultation.

During the appointment we will discuss your symptoms and their impact to your daily activities, and your aspired lifestyle. I will examine your knee and I will organise a series of X-rays and scans, if you don’t already have had. We will also go through all your medical conditions, your medication and your allergies. It will be extremely helpful if you bring with you a list of your current medication.

If we agree that your symptoms are intrusive and conservative treatment has been exhausted, you will be offered Arthroscopic Knee Surgery.

I will explain you the benefits and the risks of the procedure and if you can accept them, we will go through a formal consent form.

Lifestyle changes like regular low impact exercise, and smoking cessation will be discussed at the conclusion of the consultation.

A full medical will be organised through the pre-assessment Clinic

Your comorbidities will be reviewed and optimised before this procedure. You may need to stop some medication before the operation, or change the dosings.

You will be admitted in the hospital on the day of your operation

We will meet to discuss any outstanding details and confirm your consent. You will meet your Anaesthetist that will explain you the type of anaesthetic you will have. The standard practice for Knee Arthroscopy is a General Anaesthetic.

You will be escorted in the Anaesthetic Room and the anaesthesia will start

After the anaesthetic is completed you will come inside the Operating Theatre where your knee arthroscopy will be performed.

At the end of the procedure you will be taken to Theatre Recovery Room and as soon as your condition has returned to stable you will be taken to the ward.

You will be discharged from the hospital the same day, after your physiotherapist and your nurse decide that you are safe to independently walk

Most of your recovery will take place in the familiar and comfortable environment of your home (the link describes recovery following meniscectomy).

Two weeks after your operation you will have your wound stitches or clips removed.

If your recovery is uneventful we will meet in the clinic six weeks later. I will inform you on the findings of the arthroscopy and the outlook for your individual condition.

This is likely to be your last clinic appointment.