Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement is a variant of knee arthroplasty in which only one of the three compartments of the knee is replaced.

If your pain is localised to one compartment only and the rest of your knee is in a structurally good condition, I will offer you a unicompartmental knee replacement – a uni knee.

A uni knee has the advantage that it gives the patient a much more “natural” feeling and a better range of movement . Your hospital stay is expected to be up to 1 day and in six months you are likely to have “forgotten” that you had a knee operation.

The downside is that if the arthritis progresses to the other two compartments of the knee, and you start experiencing pain, you will need a further arthroplasty procedure.

Your journey to your unicompartmental knee replacement will have the same steps and benchmarks as for knee arthroplasty.

You need to be prepared for a short hospital stay – you may be discharged on the day of your operation.